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Suggestion for Oles

02-11-12, 15:48
Dear, Oles.

I have 10 Servers with you guys, and i've been facing something which is very necessary for us.

Sometimes we receive a certain flood, or high traffic in a specific IP, and speaking with the support, when we receive an reply (if they answer it at all), they end up null routing the wrong ip's, we asked for.

So what would be really cool, is the possibility of 'through' the management panel, we have a button (it can be at the same place you check if your IP's are null routed or not), to null route a specific IP for a desired amount of time, it can be for example 4, 8, 12, 24 hours.

It can be 'very' useful, and will allow the customer itself to directly deal with certain types of issues.


Your customer,